Located on the Britanny coast, Brest is one of France’s most popular tourist destinations and is a convenient starting point for touring Brittany.

Its rugged coastline of headlands and cliffs led to its development as an important naval base during the war. Today, it’s the home port of the French Atlantic Fleet

Although most of the town was destroyed in the war, there are quite a few reminders of the city’s history. If you want to see a World War 2 Germany submarine, head down to the end of the peninsula where Brest’s most famous attraction, its medieval castle, houses the National Marine Museum. For children, there’s Oceanopolis, a futuristic setting that has aquaria and 3-D cinema. There’s an aquarium for local marine life, the tropics and the polar regions.

Most of the attractions are within walking distance as are the main shopping areas which are on or close to the main street, rue de Siam. Seafood is the local speciality.

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