Like the Isle of Capri, Ischia is mountainous, and is just 40 minutes from Naples. Since it is a volcanic rather than sedimentary island, however, Ischia is starker than the Isle of Capri. It is also several times bigger, which means there are more budget options available on Ischia than its more exclusive cousin.

Ischia is primarily known for its spas, and for good reason. Most of the island’s 350 hotels offer thermal treatments. Even those that do not offer spa facilities on their premises have agreements with nearby thermal resorts, ensuring that guests enjoy the fruits of the island’s natural volcanic activity and healing volcanic soil.

The island is also famous for its beaches. Long stretches of white sand separating the blue sea from the hilly green interior lure masses of people in high summer. Among the most famous and crowded of Ischia’s beaches are Maronti, Citara, the shore of Ischia Porto, San Francesco, San Montano and Cartaromana.

If you have had enough of lounging, consider taking in Ischia’s main sites. Castello Aragonese is one of the most ancient and peculiar castles of Italy. It is built on a small island of volcanic rock near the coast of Ischia Ponte. Villa La Colombaia, surrounded by a park, is currently the home of cultural activities promoting music, cinema, theatre and art exhibitions. Villa La Mortella, formerly owned by English composer William Walton, features an amazing botanical garden.

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