Manchester with its rich heritage has played the important role throughout history. The first computer was invented in Manchester, the spinning jenny changed world industry forever, even the atom was first split here.

During the Industrial Revolution Manchester became the focal point of the northern cotton trade. Inventions like Hargreaves’ Spinning Jenny and Arkwright’s water frame changed the face of the world and Manchester was at the forefront of that of the technologically advancement of the 18th century. Now with the centre modernised for the 21st century, locals and visitors alike can enjoy the pleasant, friendly surroundings in a city that many people would name as their favourite in the UK.

Manchester is a city of concerts and theatres and is the place to see your favourite band or to catch a great show. The Manchester Opera House regularly puts on big shows and the tickets can be quite reasonable. Comedy Nights are getting increasingly popular across the UK and Manchester is no exception to this. The Comedy Store is located in the arches on Deansgate Locks and is open most of the week with some big names on show. Other comedy venues include Bridgewater Hall, The Palace Theatre and The Lowry amongst others.

Belle Vue Dog Track is Manchester’s only dog racing venue and is a great evening out – even better if you win! The Hard Rock Casino located behind the Printworks is stylish but down to earth and has cheap drinks and good food.

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