The history of Novosibirsk is very simple and sustained in the spirit of the best Siberian traditions: the short pre-revolutionary period, tough Soviet times and even tougher modern Russian period. This beautiful city is really worth seeing.

If you are expecting to see ancient pre-revolutionary constructions and wooden houses with carvings, Novosibirsk wouldn’t be the place you should go. However, if you are one of the admirers of the “Soviet” style in architecture, then it should be on the top of your list.

The Red Prospectus takes you back to 1960s with its overcrowded buses, huge gray buildings and crowds of people rushing around. However, one can not say that the city has lagged behind in development as it has been quickly growing in breadth and depth. Neither Europeans nor the inhabitants of the Russian capital would feel homesick as huge skyscrapers, a vast number of modern cafes, restaurants and shops cater for all tastes.

But the main thing in Novosibirsk is the beauty of contrasts. Modern skyscrapers stand in stark contrast next to old massive buildings from the times of Stalin, Khruschev and Brezhnev. You will not only see the statues of workers and peasants on the roofs of shops and restaurants, but you will also spot the stunning advertisements or the posters of the some action movies in 3D format.

Cars, buses, people scurrying on the Red Prospectus, the streets of Bolshevistskaya, Communistskaya and Proletarian… People walk on the Soviet streets, live in the Soviet houses and go to the Soviet stores. And they all are modern people! As one of the residents of Novosibirsk mentioned, the value of a city is not in their looks, but rather in its people who come here to study and work. There are a lot of young people in Novosibirsk who provide the city with fun and style as well as some recklessness.

Although the gloom of the Soviet buildings on the streets of Novosibirsk may slightly make you feel tiny and insignificant, it cannot compete with the extremely positive atmosphere created by the youth. And they are the ones who seek to receive all from life.

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