Porto: Capital of North Portugal, cosmopolitan and traditional

Capital of the North of Portugal, the city of Porto, gave its name to Portugal and to the Port Wine, the Portuguese ambassador of excellence around the world. Porto is also recognized today as a UNESCO World Heritage site, simultaneously characterized by its cosmopolitan and traditional nature. Along with the Port wine, the beaches, its exceptional architectural heritage and dazzling scenery combined with the hospitality and the art of welcoming which characterizes the people, makes this region special. In addition the secrets of a rich and traditional cooking, always accompanied by exceptional worldly renowned wines (such as Green Wine and Douro Wine), mean that Porto and North of Portugal has a great deal to offer.

The Douro River

Crossed by one of the most beautiful rivers in Portugal, the region also presents the ideal scenery for mountain climbing, canoeing and other outdoor activities.

Relax & Enjoy

For those who, on the other hand, who give preference to rest, Porto and the North of Portugal have the relaxation of spas available, as well as, the typical cosy environment which rural tourism offers all its visitors. Alongside two important and well-known casinos, in Espinho and Pvoa de Varzim, the North of Portugal also offers its visitors excellent golf facilities, and some of the best-kept greens in the country. In Porto and North of Portugal let yourself go and find unique experiences that will delight all your senses and turn your visit into a memorable stay.

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